What If I don't make my appointment? or have to reschedule within 24 hours.

If you have to reschedule your appointment within 24 hours or if you miss your appointment you will be eligible to purchase the same package again at half price and rebook.  We do not guarantee providing service at the same location. No refunds will be provided for missed appointments.

We allocate 5 minutes for Quick Shot, 10 minuted for Like A Boss, and 20 minutes for the C-Sweet packages, if you know you've already gotten images your happy with you're welcome to head out before that time.

How long do the sessions last?


Hundreds! We can shoot anywhere from 1-1,000. We offer group pricing with as few as 4 people. Our production team will work with your company to plan out the shoot day(s) in order to accommodate all the employees needing shots.

How many people can you shoot?

We'll send a Corporate Tips document prior to your shoot; it's got everything you need to prep.

How does my staff prepare for the shoot?

Yes. Typically, the contact at your company selects the style of the photos in advance. This often locks in a background color(s) for the shoot. The company contact can choose their background color(s) in advance of the shoot. We bring a few extra colors with us just to be safe.

Can we pick our color backdrop?

We create a stress free, fun environment. Even the camera shy will have a great time! The Headshot Truck and its awesome crew will arrive 1 hour prior to the first scheduled portrait session. Depending on the arrangement, the team will shoot inside the cutting edge mobile photography aboard the truck (that's right, it's an entire studio on wheels). We'll provide you with a schedule template ahead of time, that way everyone is assigned a specific call time. That makes it an efficient, hassle-free shoot. 

The truck has a monitor on it so that people can view their photos in real time. This allows us to make any necessary adjustments right away and ensures that everyone walks away happy with their photos. 

What is the day of the shoot like?

All photos are delivered to the company contact via digital downloads and a shareable online gallery. Each photo taken is delivered in two sizes: low res for online use and high res for printing. All photos are delivered in JPEG format; raw files are not delivered to client, but are available for a non standard delivery fee.

How are photos delivered? What sizes do we get?

You will get every photo that is free from defects such as blinking, number of photos varies with package.

How many photos do we get?

Yes. Each photo is re-framed and color corrected prior to delivery.

Is color correction included in the package?

Every package includes light retouching for one photo.  Light retouching is sufficient for minor skin blemishes and fly away hairs.  More extensive work such as significant skin work, hair clean up, teeth whitening, etc... is best handled with a standard retouch.  The value of the included light retouch can be applied to a full retouch.

How about retouching?

The Quick Shot & Like A Boss package include 5 minutes of makeup touch ups to make you look great with our lighting system. The C-Sweet package includes 20 minutes of Express Makeup.

Do you provide hair and/or make-up?

Do you do group photos?

Yes! We can do composite group shots for an additional fee.