How To Take A Professional Headshot for Actors

A picture is worth 1,000 words. For an aspiring Los Angeles actor, it can also be the deciding factor in getting a job or a starring role. Within 10 seconds of seeing an image or person for the first time, more than half of the population (55%) makes a judgment on the individual's physical appearance. So when you're competing against others looking for lead roles as well, how do you stand out?

Our Professional Headshot Photographers Help Your Personality Shine

On stage, you are someone else. But for the best Los Angeles actor headshots, you need to be yourself. If you are a comic actor, for instance, don't strike a pose that conveys anger, sadness, or pensiveness. At the Headshot Truck, we take several shots, including one of you smiling and a more serious photo so that you are prepared for various potential roles.

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Professional Stylists, Make-up Artists, and Photographers

While any outfit goes onstage, headshots are another story. Despite the name, headshot photography includes more than just your face. Background colors, including your shirt color and the background image, play a significant role in the outcome of your picture. Our team at the Headshot Truck help ensure every inch of your photos blends perfectly together, from make-up to backdrops.

Ready, Set, Look!

Instead of an in-person appearance, the photo you submit to a casting agency is your first impression. With our complete team of headshot specialist, we make sure you nail your look, giving both a confident smile and direct eye contact. There’s a reason we’re the best in the business!

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Can I pick my own backdrop?

Yes, we have multiple color and theatrical backdrops to choose from when you arrive.

How do I get the photos?

All of your photos will be delivered to you digitally 5 business days after your shoot. All photos are color corrected. Retouching can be purchased for $30 per photo. You'll get an email with a password protected link to your online gallery along with instructions on how to download all your photos in different sizes: low resolution for online use (IMDb, etc.) and high resolution for printing.


For cancellation policies and information about how to prepare for your shoot, visit our FAQ page. 

Wait, I have more questions!

Don't fret. Check out our FAQ page by clicking here.

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Your Future is Clear

Los Angeles actor headshots are restricted to particular sizes and dimensions. To make your photo stand out, you'll need a clear, focused image. The frame should be centered, and the photo should show both eyes, your hair, and your face shape.

Essentially, being yourself, making eye contact, and wearing the right clothing are key to success for actor headshots, but our team will help make sure you nail your look. The Headshot Truck is the area’s most trusted source for high-quality Los Angeles headshots! Call us today. 855-729-7465 or click here for our Actor FAQ’s.

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