Perfect if you have a lot of employees that need a "quick shot" for your company website, LinkedIn profile, hiring platforms, and social media sites.

Our most streamlined package, best for high efficiency with large groups of employees.  One preselected backdrop and no changes to outfit.


Designed for the management teams to give them more options to fine tune their personal presentation.

The 3/4 body shots are included with this package and can be used for a digitally composited group photo. See group shot rates below.

C-Sweet Package

Ideal for Executives and vital team members who need to present themselves at the highest level or any professional who needs photos that represent them as an individual and as a brand.  

Time is well apportioned to create a comfortable pace and full use of on board amenities round out this package, making it ideal for discerning individuals.

Also includes light makeup and 3/4 body shots for a group composite

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 3.20.07 PM.png



We can create a digitally composited image of any groups you need.  We accomplish this by shooting a 3/4 body shot of everyone individually on a white or gray backdrop during the same session we take their headshot.  Then we simply combine those images using the magic of photoshop.  This is the best way to ensure everyone in the group looks great. It also allows members of the group to be easily added or removed to reflect changes in staffing.  

There is no additional charge to take the 3/4 shots if you purchase the Like A Boss or Personal Branding Package. If you would like our expert photo editor to create the digitally composited group photo we can give you a quote based on the number of people in the group and the number of groups you would like us to create. 

Example of our digitally composited group shots can be found in our portfolio.