3 Critical Tips to Creating Your Winning Online Profile

You’re a brand. Whether you’re an actor looking for work, an influencer using your powerful voice or a key corporate employee communicating with your public, you’re a brand. You have an online image to sell, a profile to create. We do Los Angeles headshots, so we know all about image creation. All we do is help actors, influencers, and corporate execs make the most of their profiles to reach their public and grow their brands.

Let us share with you what we think are three critical elements of a compelling online profile.

1)Take a professional headshot.

No, we’re not just saying that because we do headshots. It’s the other way around. We do headshots because we can see how effective a good one is at helping you communicate with your audiences. You must be seen to be heard. We know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover — but we all do. Those who are considering your influence want to see what you’re all about. Do you look open-minded, pleasant, intelligent, welcoming? The way and the place you’re shot, the lighting, the filter, the cropping, the pose, your facial expression, and a hundred other details determine how you come across to your audience. Make sure you only use headshot photographers who know what they’re doing.

2) Get expert website design.

Whatever marketing tools you use to draw your prospective clients or customers to your profile, you’re also engaging them on your website. That’s like inviting them back to your home. What’s your home like? You wouldn’t bring clients into it if you didn’t feel it reflected the image you want to project. It’s the same with your website. Your color scheme, layout, and design speak volumes. The “bones” of your digital home consist of the content you offer, its substance as well as style.

3) Express yourself.

This is the fun part of profile creation. It’s where you genuinely introduce yourself to your audience. Honestly express your personality. Remember when we said your headshot reflects your brand? This is equally true of everything that makes up your profile and website — words and images alike. Write your profile as an “I” document, not “we.” You can write your “winning team” page later. For now, it’s just about you. Tell readers about your business background and current responsibilities, but don’t leave out the personal stuff — your family, hobbies, your beloved cockapoo. Show your market the you that you want them to meet, and add plenty of photos.

Call The Headshot Truck

Headshots are all we do. We don’t shoot products, fancy interiors, or breathtaking scenery. And we’re mobile, meaning that The Headshot Truck will come to you to shoot the best headshots in Los Angeles because we know you’re busy.

Whether you’re an actor, an influencer or at home in the corporate world, we can get the shot that will support your image or business brand and attract your audience. Call us today at (855) 729-7465.

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