3 Things You Might Accomplish at Your Next Corporate Conference

You’ve been invited, once again, to a corporate conference in Los Angeles or elsewhere. You’re debating on skipping out. You’ve been to plenty of these things and they keep you away from what you’d rather be doing to ensure the continued success of your business.

You’re better off devoting your valuable time to brainstorming, signing deals and establishing a vendor network.

The irony is that those are exactly some of what you might accomplish at your next corporate conference. But you have to be there. Before you blow off the opportunity, let’s take a closer look at three things that could be the payoff to attending your next corporate conference.

Valuable Headshots

You’ve heard the trite maxim urging you to “see and be seen.” There’s truth to it.

Corporate conferences may offer perks such as opportunities to update headshots. Look at your current corporate headshot. Is it outdated? Do you feel it expresses your career path?

That’s where a headshot might be valuable. Professionally shot photographs can find a home on your website, in your company newsletter or even framed and hung on a wall where others will see it. You want to make sure it’s an accurate representation of you.

If you’ve been hiding your old corporate headshot for the last few years, attending a corporate conference may be the perfect opportunity to give yourself the upgrade you deserve.

Networking Opportunities

You have a lot in common with those you meet at industry conferences. You share the same knowledge base, know many of the same industry people and share similar goals.

Sometimes the value of networking can be a simple offhand comment that you wouldn’t have picked up if you’d decided not to attend. The conversations going on all around you can be inspirational. They might know stuff you need to know. Or they can introduce you to other people or new ideas or unexplored opportunities.

You might get energized just hearing what others are doing.

Doing Bottom-Line Business

This sounds a lot like “networking,” but it’s not. If you attend the right conference, you might go a lot farther than merely making interesting contacts — you might sell others something.

You might make a sale right then and there. The people you meet at a corporate conference could be, in time, one of your biggest customers.

Is this farfetched? It’s certainly not something that happens every day, but it’s not all that unusual either.

Helping Meet Business Goals

At the Headshot Truck, we understand the value of attending relevant corporate conferences and mingling with the right people. We offer professional headshots Los Angeles that put you and your people in the best light. We can attend your next conference Los Angeles with you, or schedule a shoot at your convenience. We’ll show up when and where you need us.

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