5 Strategies to Set Your Business Apart in 2019

More than half a million businesses start up in the United States every month. Most fail. The difference between the success stories and the shutdowns is often a matter of standing out. Finding your place in the business landscape. Here are a few tips for doing just that — staking your claim in the minds and hearts of your audience.

Highlight Your Business Culture

Think of your company culture as your company’s personality. Your business might be serious and straightlaced, quirky and appealing, customer-centric and magnetic. In short, there are as many cultural descriptions as there are human personalities. What’s yours?

What’s important is that your company culture appeals to your customers and reflects their needs — and that you introduce your audience to your culture. Let them meet your people and discover your company culture through their eyes.

Show Off What You’ve Got

Let a company like The Headshot Truck come to your place of business and photograph your employees in their natural setting. They can make any location work (just a ten by ten space is all they need). Let others see your people in their environment, dressing as they dress and using body language that represents the true “them.” That is the personification of your culture, humanize your band and your customers will take notice.

Find and Grab Your Niche

There’s a radio station in Cleveland, Ohio that uses the tagline “We play anything.” Really? Anything? That’s what not to do in your business.

If you serve everyone by delivering them anything, you’re not making an impression on anyone. Walmart and Amazon sell everything to everyone, but are they who you want to compete with? Grab a tiny sliver of “everyone” and figure out what they need and how you can deliver it by focusing on their needs. Once you master a fragment of an audience, you can expand if that’s what you wish to do — or go deeper into the needs of the niche audience you’ve already won over.

Get Social

This isn’t even a way to stand out anymore since everyone’s doing it, but find the social media platform that can uniquely address your customers. Find out how to use that platform to your advantage and stick with it.

Think of how Domino’s owned Twitter with its “tweet to order” pizza capability. Or the way LEGO uses YouTube to showcase product use.

At this point in the digital age, it’s not enough to merely have a social media presence. Everyone’s got that. You have to figure out a way to uniquely meet and relate to your customers on one or more platforms.

Under-Promise and Over-Deliver

Yes, that’s been said a million times. But only because it’s true. As we move into the 2020 presidential election, that’s an ideal time to somewhat cynically remind yourself that lots of companies promise fantastic results — just like lots of politicians. Promises don’t deliver customers anymore. Actions do.

Stay Relevant

Whatever strategies you execute to stand out in your marketplace, your job’s not done. No matter how good your results, you’ll need to freshen your approach continually.

It’s said that even the most successful nightclub must invest in new themes and visual redesigns every few years or they’ll lose relevance with patrons. It’s no different in any business. Refresh your website. Review your logos and visuals. Take new headshots. Broaden your product offering. Keep what works, but don’t ever shy away from the idea of updating, re-configuring or freshening.

Let Us Make It Easy

At The Headshot Truck, we can help your business introduce itself to your customers. We don’t photograph products or landscapes. We specialize shooting Los Angeles headshots for business, actors, and influencers alike.

Don’t worry about interrupting your busy days or taking your people out of important meetings. We’ll come to you. Directly call us at 855-729-7465. We’ll help your company express its culture and introduce your team to your customer base.

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