5 Ways to Encourage Employees After Office Layoffs

Corporate layoffs are an unfortunate part of any business. While you cannot stop the restructuring, you can do something to help encourage your employees. Business downsizing can leave your team feeling left out in the cold.

As a company, there is always time to invest in your employees. You need to help your team boost productivity and increase confidence. Every business needs to support their staff during these changes. If you follow these few tips, you will see your employees grow and flourish.

#5: Let Your Employees Know Their Worth

During this time, it is crucial for employees to receive praise from upper management. Employees need to be reassured after a round of layoffs. Management should thank the staff for their positive attitude and contributions to the company.

#4: Offer Moral Support

Layoffs adversely affect morale in the office. Many companies use the services of counselors and team building exercises to help those left in the office. Employees will need some guidance after downsizing.

#3: Keep Your Staff in the Know

You need to keep your employees in the loop. When downsizing occurs, work duties will change and shift to other team members. Your staff needs to know about the long term expectations of the business. It is a confusing time for everyone during this period. Management should be clear about new job descriptions and timelines.

#2: Increase the Lines of Communication

Your business needs to have an open door policy with all your team members. The senior staff should encourage junior members to bring their concerns to management. These actions can help make the transitional period smoother for everyone in the company. The most important thing is to offer reassurance to all your remaining members of the staff.

#1: Give Employees Updated Company Headshots

Updated company headshots are a perfect way to help build team morale. This activity can help your employees focus on positive rewards. Your staff needs to know that they are an essential part of the company. With a show of appreciation, your employees will feel more confident about their job responsibilities.

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