Biggest Mistakes Companies Make When Hiring a Headshot Photographer

You realize that your company needs to create a warmer impression by introducing your people to your audiences. You know that this means more than a few amateur snaps with a smartphone camera. With that, you’ve made great strides, but now comes perhaps your biggest challenge.

As a leading headshot photographer in Los Angeles, here are four of the top mistakes we see companies make in hiring a headshot photographer.

Reverse auctioning your business

Headshot prices are all over the board. As with most professional services, you can always find a cheaper provider. Is that a good thing? Sometimes those who charge the least (of any service) are those who are most doubtful about the quality of their work (and often for a good reason). Or perhaps they will someday be quite talented, but they’re at the beginning of their career and underbidding the competition to get their first portfolio pieces. You’ll always find a lower price, but what do you tell your customers or clients when they say the same thing? Don’t you remind them that you get what you pay for?

Choosing a photographer who doesn’t specialize in headshots

Hey, a photographer’s a photographer, right? This guy has a portfolio that looks perfectly decent, so what’s the problem? If you owned a private airplane, would you hire a car mechanic to maintain it simply because he’s the best damn Chevy mechanic in the biz? Of course not. It takes a different skill set to photograph the headshots of business professionals, actors, and influencers than what it takes to shoot landscapes, journalism gigs, or fashion spreads.

Not viewing portfolios first

Your brother-in-law recommends this gal, and he’s never wrong. Uh oh. We see trouble on the horizon. The ruling on whether someone is a “good” or “bad” headshot photographer is entirely in the eyes of the beholder. Even when you agree that two photographers are both competent, you might see something in the poses or the lighting or the facial expressions in one portfolio that you don’t see in another. Check for yourself before making a decision.

Neglecting to discuss the job beforehand

Good professional photographers are honest. They’ll tell you if an assignment is out of their scope of expertise. Or if it will take longer or prove to be more challenging than your expectations. Talk it out. Make sure your top choice understands the project and can undertake it as you expect — or alters your expectations by carefully explaining the challenges.

Introducing The Headshot Truck

We’re professional photographers who specialize in headshots for actors & business professionals (as if that’s not challenging enough). We’ll come to you for your ultimate convenience and deliver headshots that work best for you or your company.

Call The Headshot Truck at 855-729-7465 to discuss your unique personal brand.

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