Celebrate Your Talent Showcase Promotions With a Headshot to Match

Social media is big. The economy is bigger. Both trends line up with a corporate strategy of celebrating the promotion of your key people. Here’s why that matters.

Retain Talent With Appreciation

The economy is humming. The unemployment rate is at its lowest point in years…or decades. That means that workers have choices like they haven’t had in the recent past. Your employees have job options available, which is why you must celebrate them.

One excellent way of doing this is to take professionally shot Los Angeles headshots for placement alongside news of employee promotions or recognitions. There are at least two reasons for this.

First, it helps you keep morale up as you show your appreciation for the talents and accomplishments of your best people. Secondly, you tell those who you might want to hire in the future that yours is a company culture where people are valued, and their careers are enriched in substantial bottom-line ways. That could make recruitment easier in a challenging hiring environment.

Once you’ve decided to execute such a strategy, consider The Headshot Truck. We don’t do product placement shots or luscious food and beverage setups. All we do is take professional headshots for corporations, organizations, and actors in Los Angeles.

Our mobility is one of many chief selling points as far as our corporate clients are concerned. Whether it’s one of our Neighborhood Days, or if we come to your location – you win. Rather than asking your valuable employees to carve time from their hectic days to arrange transportation and show up at a studio that might be hours away in rush hour congestion.  We provide a high level, cost effective, headshot that you could do on your lunch break.

Call The Headshot Truck Today  

Contact us at (855) 729-7465 for the best headshots in Los Angeles. Just book a time for you, your office, or conference and we’ll be there ready to shoot on your schedule. We’ll do all we can to help you recognize your key people and show others in your industry just how deeply you value the contributions of those you rely on most. We’ll help you meaningfully celebrate their success.

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