Don’t Panic; We Make Headshots Easy

Headshots are easy. All you do is turn to the person next to you and ask them to take out their phone, switch to camera mode, and snap the shot. What could be simpler?

As a leading provider of professional headshots in LA, we wouldn’t be in business if it was really that easy. Our focus is on conveniently providing top quality headshots for actors, business people, and influencers.

We’ll never be quite as handy as your business associate, significant other or whoever happens to be standing next to you at the very instant you decide you need a headshot — but it’s part of our business model to offer convenience that’s nearly as close to that, but much more professional.

Come-to-you Convenience

You’re busy. We get that. And Los Angeles is a very spread-out town. That means you could very easily end up scheduling an appointment at a photo studio an hour away — during rush hour, no less. Or telling valuable members to shut down what they’re doing and hit the freeway system, and knowing you probably won’t see them again until tomorrow.

That’s where The Headshot Truck lives up to its name. We are LA’s mobile photography studio for professional headshots. We don’t ask you to find us at an appointed time somehow or wait in our lobby for an hour while we finish up with an earlier client.

Your time is as valuable as ours. That’s why all you have to do is call us up for an appointment and give us an address. We’ll show up on time, ready to go, and make the most of your time. If we’re to get headshots of a dozen team members, eleven of them can keep working while we work with just one of your team at a time.

A Trusted Headshot Consultant

You don’t always know what makes a good headshot. That’s not your job. You just know a bad one when you see it. When you call The Headshot Truck, you can be sure that you’ll be speaking with a headshot expert. We’ll get the lighting right. We’ll even discuss beforehand your attire, and advise you on colors you should or shouldn’t be wearing.

In other words, we’ve done this before — thousands of times. We know what works and what doesn’t. We’ll help you get the kinds of shots that fit your company’s image but always exude professionalism. It’s easy when you trust someone who does this thing for a living.

Call The Headshot Truck for professional Los Angeles headshots and let us do the rest. You’ll find us at 855-729-7465. Then we’ll find you.

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