Factors to Consider When Hiring a Headshot Photographer

You’re an actor who needs a headshot for your social media or a corporate leader who wants to introduce your people and spice up your marketing approach.

Whatever your motive, you need top-quality professional headshots in Los Angeles. It’s simple enough — except in the details. As a leading specialists in LA headshots, here are what we think are five leading factors you should consider before signing a contract.

Expertise within your narrow area of need

You don’t just need a professional photographer. You need a headshot expert. Not someone with keen knowledge of shooting food, wars, or ad spreads. A professional chess player is very different than a poker player even though both are considered “game experts.”

…And the portfolio to prove it

What do you think of your prospective photographer’s work? See and judge the work for yourself.


What’s that? Even we’re not sure, but we know it when we see it. No matter how well you explain what you hope to accomplish (and be sure to have that conversation), a good photographer might see a problem or opportunity in the field that wasn’t discussed. Do you trust her to suggest a change? That’s what chemistry is all about. You should be able to see your headshot photographer as a trusted team member in the goal of getting the perfect shots for you.

People skills

This is a lot like chemistry, but here we’re talking about how your photographer interacts with the subjects of the shot. Can he or she put your people at ease? Do they look tense or awkward in the shots, or ideally at ease? Your photographer’s personality and attitude have a lot to do with this.


Your headshot photographer might be able to satisfy you on all of the above factors, but it doesn’t do much good if she’s not available until next spring. Or if you’ve got to somehow get your sales team across the county — in rush hour, of course — to fit into his one-hour window of opportunity. That’s why The Headshot Truck comes to you, for your convenience and that of your group.

Factor The Headshot Truck Into Your Next Talent Search

We’d love to handle your next LA headshots challenge. We fit well within your very narrow area of need by specializing in shooting headshots. That’s why we’re so good at it.

Let’s talk. Call The Headshot Truck at 855-729-7465.

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