How to Define Company Culture Online

As with any culture around the world, company culture is packed with personality and individuality. Sure, everyone has been to office holiday parties and summer barbecues. Naturally, you think your company is a fun, cool, and hip place to work. Every employee who attends an on-the-ground event knows how vital company culture is to the brand’s identity. But culture can (and should) be picked up by clients and potential business partners, too. So for those who can’t make your annual July 4th celebration or winter holiday celebration, how do you convey your company’s image? The answer lies on the web.

Strike a Pose 

Naturally, the participants in a fun corporate gathering (your employees) should be the shining e-face of your company’s culture. Since most people (more than 60%) are visual learners, seeing an image of an employee embodying the company’s persona is much more useful than reading a block of text on a web page. Posting headshots of your team is far more effective than posting generic photos, which can still leave consumers wondering what your company does. By deciding to get your personal branding corporate headshots with us, you’ll get quality images of your staff while simultaneously capturing your company’s personality. The headshots taken at an event can be used as an employee’s headshot on your “About Us” page, too. Keep in mind that headshots should capture the essence of the individual employee as well as the company.

Use Video

Along with social media, video is one of the most popular mediums for showcasing a company’s personality. Video is an excellent supplement to headshots, too. Research shows that people retain about 95% of what they learned through video as opposed to text when browsing a website. A video can also give a “backstage” tour of the company’s office, its culture, its people, and its products or services. If you have any particularly “fun” elements in the office – like snacks or recreation areas – be sure to show them, too. Doing so is a subtle way of showing your company’s “human” side and connecting further with consumers.

Tell a Story 

Even though many people like to see pictures on a website, some also want to read. That’s especially true if the text they are reading resonates with them. Allowing employees and consumers to share stories on your website is a compelling (and easy) way of establishing connections. If you have a blog page on your website, encourage employees to share fun stories of company events and outings. If you have social media pages, send an invitation to consumers to share their own experiences and stories related to your products. Engaging everyone is a fun activity that simultaneously provides good PR for your brand. Facebook and Instagram are two social media sites that let people post stories in real-time.

Go Social 

Today, about 80% of people trust businesses that have social media accounts instead of those that don’t. Furthermore, over 75% of consumers will make purchases from a company on social media. Therefore, it makes sense to show your company’s fun events on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social sites are a prime opportunity to show how much fun everyone has at work and target your key demographics at the same time. If you don’t have a social site yet, now is the time to join!

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