How to Get Good Headshots vs. Bad Headshots

As a leading Los Angeles headshots studio, we understand the confusion some might have with the good, the bad, and the ugly of headshots. That’s why I’ve put together this basic and very brief “rule book” with a few examples of what to do — or not to do — to get an effective headshot.

Don’t intimidate viewers.

There are a lot of ways you could scare your prospective clients or customers away with your headshot. You’re not smiling. You’re staring too intently at the viewer. Maybe it’s because the lighting throws sinister shadows across part of your face. Perhaps the photo is framed oddly, or shot in aggressive close-up. Lighten up, folks. You want to invite your viewers in, not scare them away.

Capture your culture.

Are your people playful? Full of energy? Do they take their jobs seriously? Make sure your photographer understands your company culture before taking a single shot. Also, encourage your people to dress in a way that reflects the personality your business is trying to set. Keep in mind, studies have shown that more business attire captures qualities of confidence, likability, and influence more than the jeans and t-shirt your people might sport on a typical workday.

Don’t distract.

If whatever is going on in the background of a headshot is more interesting than the subject of that shot, you’ve got a problem. Just put yourself out there. Make sure there’s not too much going on in the background or a clump of shadow that falls over the top of your head like a bad toupee. You want viewers to see you, not…whatever.

Show eyes and teeth.

Leave behind the sunglasses and the tight-lipped smiles. Studies show that headshot viewers trust people whose eyes they can look into. It looks like you’re hiding something if they’re behind a mask of dark glasses, a clump of hair or, yet again, a shadow. As for smiles, show teeth. Keep your expression honest and lighthearted, but don’t overdo it with a goofy laugh. Just have fun. And take off those damn dark glasses.

Hire a professional.

This is what all of my other tips boil down to. Go with a pro. A commercial photographer who does headshots for a living — and nothing else — will know what kind of conversations to have with you or your team before snapping a single shot. The pro knows how to achieve your goal of creating a positive image that supports your culture or brand.

Call The Headshot Truck

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