How to Rebound Quickly After a Layoff (FREE Job Seekers eBook)

The COVID-19 virus has caused millions of Americans to file for unemployment claims. Statistics show that since the middle of March, the nation’s total jobless claims are more than 40 million. If you’re suddenly out of a job, it’s likely that you’re experiencing intense feelings of

stress since you’re probably worried about the future of your career. The good news is that you can rebound quickly after a layoff, and we've created a detailed guide to help you land back on your feet in record time.

Unemployment Rates

In April of 2020, the country’s unemployment rate reached 14.7%. This is the highest it’s been since the Great Depression. During that era, unemployment rates were more than 25%. Is it fair to compare this year’s unemployment rates to that of the Great Depression? Labor economists say yes and no. If the unemployment rate surpasses 20%, then labeling it a depression would be considered appropriate. Unemployment rates are near that now. However, economists don’t believe that the rates will stay high long enough to be considered the same kind of depression that happened during the first part of the 20th century.

Our FREE guide helps job seekers find unique ways to separate themselves from others in tough job markets while providing helpful insight on topics such as health insurance, personal branding, strategy, and outplacement services.

Preparation and an open mind will help you rebound quickly after a layoff. If you are facing an unemployment situation, make sure that you know what’s in your severance package. That way, you can take advantage of everything being offered to you. When searching for a job, the best thing that you can do is to be patient and diligent.