Improve LinkedIn B2B Engagement with This Branding Secret

LinkedIn is the number one way for businesses to network in the digital world. The business-networking platform has over 500 million users, making it the ideal place to increase B2B engagement and gain new connections. In fact, Kinsta shows that LinkedIn is the best social media networking platform for lead generation.

A professional headshot is a perfect way to stand out in the LinkedIn crowd. Over 9 percent of LinkedIn’s profile pictures are taken with a phone camera. Those photos just don’t cut it with professional business associates. I’m sure your cousin is a great photographer, but don’t leave your business prospects to see a practice photoshoot. Unprofessional photos are associated with an unprofessional business. You may have a company of hard workers, but an unprofessional selfie can torpedo your prospects.

Set Yourself Up for the Right Impression

You need to set yourself up for success. You want to make an impression for the right reasons. From job interviews to networking events, a great impression can make or break your prospects. If you don’t look qualified, people will tend to stay away. Whether you are online or in person, your business self must always remain professional.

Professional Images Increase Engagement

You can always create a stunning resume and biography, but without a professional headshot your profile isn’t complete. Take a look at current LinkedIn profiles. Who do you trust with your business? Someone who is dressed professionally will have more engagement on their profile. Poor quality mobile phone photos are great for Snapchat or Facebook, but they are bad choices for LinkedIn.

Make the Change

So now we know the importance of a professional headshot, but you’re wondering where you can one done at an affordable rate. You can book an expensive photographer for a measly $3000, or you can call Headshot Truck. We can bring business head shots in LA straight to you or your company for a rate that can’t be beat.

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