Insider Tips On Branding Your Business in 2019

If you’re looking to get ahead in 2019, where do you start? Think for a minute of your favorite brands – Toyota, Pepsi, Gap, and more. What stands out most? Chances are good you can’t name the CEO of any. But you know their logos by heart. Images, it turns out, are the most effective way for a brand to make an impression. To get ahead this year, follow these tips for success.

Build Brand Identity

You think of your staff as a team. But do others? You would be confused if you turned on a football game and saw a team wearing different jerseys. Without a cohesive brand identity, your clients feel the same way. You want consistency but not uniformity, since it takes milliseconds for a customer to make a judgment. In that fraction of time, the way your employees look leaves an impression. With the help of Los Angeles head shots, you can get high-quality pictures that in seconds show your business is professional and reputable.

Use Social Media

Social media is vital for your personal life. But it’s also critical for businesses and shouldn’t be an afterthought. An astounding 82% of customers are more likely to purchase products from a company that uses social media than one that doesn’t. While they consider product images and tutorial videos to be important, what they look at most is employee photos. Therefore, having clean-cut, uniform, friendly images of your employees on your website or social media page shows your company is approachable and customer-friendly.

Post Videos to Tell your Brand Story

Within minutes, a Facebook post can get over 100 “likes.” This is precisely how videos go viral. Imagine the power it would bring to your company. According to research, the majority of people in the US (65%) are visual learners. This means that when presented with text or graphics, they will choose the latter.  Video paired with thoughtful brand imagery is the right balance for higher engagement.

Mobile First

Having a website is good. Having a social media account is better. But in 2019, the key to success is mobile. Today, most consumers shop for their favorite products on their smartphones. They also use their phones to get directions, menus, and reviews. Having a mobile optimized site is especially important for companies that sell products, as consumers are now consuming most of their advertising and making most of their buying decisions through smartphones.

Keep it Current

No matter what channel of reaching customers you use, make sure to have current photos and accounts. While consumers are more likely to trust a company with professional employee photos and social media accounts, they’re also more trusting of a company that stays fresh. With the best headshots in Los Angeles, your employees will get the fresh new look they need.

In 2019, there are many ways to stand out from the crowd. One of the most cost effective is images. For that, the Headshot Truck can help you out. With a mobile studio that brings headshots to you and an office in Los Angeles, we offer accessible headshots to help your team get ahead.

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