Makeup: Is Less More When it Comes to Headshots?

The saying “less is more” applies in many situations. When you’re trying to put your best foot (and face) forward, that certainly holds true for headshots. In the seven seconds it takes to make a first impression, it’s natural to want to look as glamorous and elegant as possible. But contrary to popular belief, caking on makeup is not the solution. Instead, that approach can backfire when trying to stand out in a positive light. The goal of a headshot is to look like yourself, which means creating a natural look with makeup. Consider these tips for a picture-perfect headshot.

Tone it Down

 Sometimes, people make the mistake of looking overly dressed up for a headshot. But for the best LA actor headshots, it’s best to look yourself. Keep in mind that while you can undoubtedly wear some makeup to feel confident, a professional can retouch an image to erase any flaws such as blemishes and uneven skin tone. If you have a favorite hairstyle, wear it for your headshot. Don’t try something new. The last thing you want is to have actor headshots that look staged or fake.

Find the Right Photographer

 Just as you wouldn’t buy the first house you saw, why hire the first photographer for actor headshots? Since a headshot is an investment of your time and money, you’ll want to ensure a good fit. The best photographers & actor headshot companies, like The Headshot Truck, offer makeup stylists onsite to help make sure your headshot is well balanced.

Go Natural

 When applying makeup for actor headshots in LA, go with a natural look. Your goal should be to use the least amount possible to ensure uniform coverage. Also, use a powder that most accurately matches your skin tone.

Create a Solid Foundation

 Foundation is the essence of facial makeup. Ideally, you should use a liquid foundation that’s applied evenly to your face, neck, and chest. While you might be inclined to use a slightly darker foundation for a headshot, experts recommend matching your skin tone for the most attractive results. Keep in mind that a skilled photographer can retouch an image as needed.

 In the competitive acting industry, making an excellent first impression is key to success. Let The Headshot Truck help you get the headshot you need to stand out from the crowd. Our fully-fledged mobile photography studio is here to offer a versatile & flexible solution to handle your LA headshot needs. Combined with our expert team, The Headshot Truck is here to help.

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