March 1st is Employee Appreciation Day! Give the Gift of Headshots

Everyone knows first impressions count. But a Harvard Study shares the details. Only seven percent of a first impression comes from what you say. The majority – a whopping 55 percent – is based on looks. On March 1, which is Employee Appreciation Day, give your employees the gift of a good impression with professional headshots in LA!

Show Your Affection

Research shows that 79 percent of employees will leave at least one job in their lifetime because they don’t feel appreciated. After putting in a 45-50 hour work week and staying late, wouldn’t you want some acknowledgment, too?

Raise the Bar

While other companies might have fun games, employee happy hours, or other activities that are enjoyable but not meaningful, give your team a gift that matters (and that benefits you). Providing your team with business head shots Los Angeles has dual benefits. It gives your employees a quality image that “sells” them to clients and customers in seconds. It also improves your brand’s image.

The Advantage of Headshots

When you hire a professional to take headshots, you’re reducing the marketing department’s workload. Taking headshots, preferably by the same company, creates a uniform, cohesive image for your brand. This gives it a more professional appearance and improves its overall image.

Quality, not Quantity

Good headshots are also self-promoting. If your employees get a headshot they’re proud of; they will post it outside of your company’s website. When their friends and family see their glamorous photos on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, they’ll want to know where they came from. Your employees can say it was a gift from you!

Nice to Meet You?

Customer service and client interactions also benefit from professional headshots in LA. With the advent of online chat programs like Skye and Go-To Meeting, everyone can put an image of themselves out there for the world to see. Since we’re only human, everyone enjoys interacting with a friendly, smiling human face on screen rather than a mysterious question mark.

Hook the Bait

When you have searched for jobs in the past, how often have images of a company’s employees influenced your decision? Admittedly, it’s not always the best way to judge a company. Nevertheless, small details make a difference. Having a company website with a neat, professional, and consistent appearance attracts prospective candidates. And at a time when unemployment rates are incredibly low, every advantage counts when it comes to attracting top talent. Having top-quality images shows professionalism and maturity. This, in turn, makes job seekers want to join.

Now that you know the benefits of professional headshots, the next step is finding a provider. Fortunately, you can count on Headshot Truck! As the world’s first mobile photography company, we offer premier headshot services for corporations, actors, parties, and more. Can’t come to us? With a mobile truck and onsite studio, we come to you! With special group rates, we’re ideal for employee appreciation days.

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