Outshine Lack of Experience with Strong Visual Assets on Your Resume

In today’s competitive market, hooking the bait (i.e., recruiters) is the best way to get a job. You can say anything that you want about yourself on social media or your professional LinkedIn page. But considering that profiles and websites with images have 650% higher engagement rates than those that don’t, and that 84% of communications were visual in 2018, having a resume or profile with just plain text about yourself is not enough. In just seconds, a picture catches the eye of a recruiter who might otherwise dismiss your resume for lack of experience.

The Power of Visuals

About 65% of people in the world are visual learners. That means your prospective employer may be a visual learner too. After three days, people are about 6.5% more likely to remember information if it had an illustration attached. This means that your profile will stand out more if it includes a photo, especially in the creative arts industries. If you’re counting on an excellent first impression to compensate for lack of experience, this is a good tactic to use.

Time is (actually) on Your Side

Humans have an attention span of about eight seconds. They also process images about 60,000 times faster than text. This means that if you include a quality image of yourself, the picture alone will make a good first impression. To make sure the quality, style, and tone are what you want, hire a headshot photographer Los Angeles to get a top headshot that will attract – and keep – a recruiter’s attention.

Compete Smart With Substance

Recent college grads who are competing with candidates of similar qualifications for jobs and individuals in the creative arts arguably benefit most from having quality corporate headshots in Los Angeles. However, relying on a top-notch photo isn’t enough to get a job. Even an actor’s resume needs to have some text to paint a detailed picture of the candidate. Your complete online LinkedIn resume should outline where you’ve worked and the dates of your employment, which you can put right in the summary. This is true even if you’ve just worked at school or worked summer jobs. If you haven’t had much formal employment, list your education, computer skills, and any awards or unique credentials that you have. In the creative industries, you can also include a portfolio.

Top Resume Advice of 2019

It takes a recruiter about six seconds to review a resume. At a minimum, they’ll want to see your name, your current employment, your employment history, and your resume.

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