Platforms to Consider for Your Brand’s Corporate Photography

As a leading go-to resource for corporate headshots in Los Angeles, The Headshot Truck encourages you to take the next step once you’ve received your images from us — use them. For this post, we’ll assume that you’re going to upload your new photos to your own corporate website, which is a great first step. Now what?

Here are destinations you might have already considered, and a few you might have never even heard of.

LinkedIn (of course) — We mentioned this site on an earlier blog post, but it bears repeating simply because the business world runs on LinkedIn. If you’re not here, you’re not in business. (Or it can sometimes seem that way.) In order to set yourself apart from the thousands of other companies in your industry profiled on LinkedIn, personalize the pages of your company and your people with quality headshots.

Business networking sites not named LinkedIn — Yep, there are actually other sites to check out if you’re in business. Among our favorites for networking, seeking prospective customers and vendors and exchanging ideas are Xing, Slack, and Facebook Groups. If your company is new in the business of being in business, check out Gust. Here you’ll find a range of information of specific value to start-ups, including vendors, customers, and possible investment and capital sources. Each of these sites is enhanced with professionally shot profile photos that can draw more positive attention.

Speech and presentation bios — If you’re giving an industry talk, you’ll often be asked for a bio. That’s usually when you turn to the person next to you and ask them to take a quick snap with your smartphone. There goes all of your credibility. Now you have professional headshots to share and make you look like as much of an expert as you are.

Marketing materials — you try to sell your company and its products and services in several ways, both online and off. Don’t just sell your gadgets or trinkets. Sell yourself and your people. Introduce your team to your audience in a professional manner with a professional headshot. As we all know, nothing sells itself. It’s people who make the connection.

First, Call The Headshot Truck

If you haven’t yet made a vital connection to a professional photographer specializing in headshots, please introduce yourself to The Headshot Truck. We’re mobile, so we bring our services to you for your ultimate convenience.

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