Providing Corporate Headshots Supports Employee Retention: Here’s How

A picture is worth a thousand words. It can also be worth a job. Within seconds, headshots provide a snapshot of a company’s personality. Companies with professional headshots on their websites are deemed more trustworthy, which makes them more attractive to customers and business partners. High quality corporate headshots help build company culture, show employees as individuals, and ultimately get workers to stick around. Here is how headshots can win your employees’ hearts.

All About “Me”

Instant gratification is prevalent throughout society, including the workplace. Employees are working harder than ever, and they want to be recognized for it. Statistics show that employees who don’t feel valued in the office start looking for work elsewhere. In one survey, approximately 21% of employees who didn’t feel appreciated at work reported job searching during the day. On the other hand, employees who are recognized for their work are five times more likely to stay. Giving your hard-working employees the gift of a headshot is a great way to say “thank you” and keep them from going to competitors.

What’s Your Incentive?

Employees want to know that they’re appreciated at work. They also want to know what they’ll get. Fortunately, there are many incentives employers can provide as a token of appreciation. Featuring an employee in the company newsletter, giving out extra paid time off, or even arranging a professional headshot engagement event are simple but effective ways to show you care and keep an employee coming back to work.

Raising the Standards

Hiring and training employees takes a lot of time and effort. But two cost-effective solutions that make workers feel good about themselves are providing development opportunities and hiring from within. Employers who provide access to education, encourage new skills, and offer tuition reimbursement for related degrees improve morale for everyone. Having a professional headshot to accompany the new job title or promotion is also essential. Hiring from within also encourages hard work. If you hire or promote a candidate internally, be sure to update (or add) a headshot on your website to reflect the change.


It sounds simple, but communication is essential for employee motivation and retention. A chain of communication should be established from the owner and supervisors down to the workers. Everyone should be aware of the company’s mission and goals. It’s also a good way for employees to bond and build new relationships.

It takes less than 10 seconds to make a first impression, but it takes much longer to build an employee’s trust. With a high-quality headshot, it’s possible to strengthen your company’s image while simultaneously retaining a formidable workforce. If you need professional headshots, don’t hesitate to contact TheHeadshot Truck. LAs mobile photography favorites, specializing in personal branding headshots. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your headshots in LA.

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