Showcasing Your Brand: Don’t Tell Me – Show Me

In 2018, an astounding 84% of communications were visual. Combined with the fact that most people form an initial impression in 50 milliseconds, it’s apparent that like first impressions, first appearances make a difference. Today, about 81% of people look briefly at the content they read online, if at all. Most look at pictures. So instead of creating a lengthy “About Us” page on your company’s website, you’re better off adding images of your employees to stand out. Not sure how to replace words with pictures? Here’s how.

Keep it “You.”

Every company is different. Just as you wouldn’t want to copy a competitor’s text and pass it off as your own, you wouldn’t want to create pictures that didn’t capture your company’s essence, either. Business headshots Los Angeles open the door of opportunity to create a uniform business image, but also one that’s unique. Headshots are a great way to convey your company’s personality. If you’re a law firm, for instance, it’s appropriate to have a more serious look. But if you sell children’s toys, you’ll want your pictures to convey a more lighthearted attitude.

Aim for Consistency

Once you’ve captured your company’s personality, stick with it. Customers and prospective partners will be more likely to trust a company whose image they remember. Think of name brands that you know, like McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. If these companies relayed mixed messages about their goals, values, and services, you would get confused. Having visual consistency is important on your website, but it’s also essential to maintain uniformity across your social media accounts. In addition to employee photos, your company’s image, tagline, logo, and even color scheme should all be consistent.

Quality Counts

The fact that more people make impressions through visual images might seem like you have to do less work in branding your image. However, quality is at least as important, if not more, when you are talking about images. The advantage of getting professional headshots in Los Angeles is that you’ll get pictures of a much higher quality than photos taken from a digital camera or smartphone. Vibrant photos, bold colors, and high-resolution images are crucial to success in attracting attention. Feel free to add creativity and personality to your company’s photos, but be sure to keep them professional. Your end goal is to encourage customers to contact you, not drive them away from offensive or inappropriate images.

At a time when the average attention span is less than eight seconds, it’s more important than ever to wow the crowds with visuals. Headshot Truck, which offers mobile and place-based headshot services in Los Angeles, is your solution to improving your brand’s image. If you can’t make it to our location, we’ll come to yours and show your company in its best light.

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