The Headshot Truck: Top Reviews from September 2019

The only thing we love more than photos is hearing how they make a difference! We continuously want to say thanks to our past customers for reviewing and referring us as a top spot for professional headshots in Los Angeles.

Thank you, Meghan M. for your wonderful review and comments:

“The Headshot truck is FANTASTIC! The quality of your pictures are the best. THE BEST! What makes them even better is the way they treat you. Professional, positive, fun, trustworthy people are what makes this more than 5 starts to me. The truck means its convenient and you don’t have to travel to them. In LA this is huge! The truck is an actual beautiful full service studio. They care about actors and they offer budget friendly options and also options where you can just pop in for a 20 minute session, which I did the other day and the pictures are great. I love the Headshot Truck.”

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