The Secret to Being Seen in Highly Competitive Job Markets

No one likes the feeling of getting lost in the crowd. You have a strong resume, but it seems like you are continually falling short of job offers. It’s a highly-competitive job market out there. Take a look at your resume and LinkedIn. What is lacking?

Beef Up Your Resume

You’re looking to stand out, and the resume is your first contact with an employer to show off your qualifications. But you’re going to need more than qualifications to land the job. If your resume is lacking that high-quality look, your chances of an interview are low. Think of your resume as a portfolio on paper. Update it often and update it well. A good resume should never be stagnant.

Put a Face to a Name

Potential employers always want to put a face to a name. A professional headshot is a perfect way to gain attention from potential employers. This photo will show that you are serious about your work and career. Recruiters want to see that on a profile. If competition is showing their headshots and you aren’t, they’ve already got a competitive edge.

Keep Your Online Presence Professional

Social media is the most important way for potential recruiters to find candidates. Many recruiters are using this medium to view information on the candidates’ interests, job history, and skills. Look at your Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn profile. What words come to mind? Would you want to hire yourself based on how your personal brand is portrayed?

Give Yourself the Advantage with Professional Headshots

By doing quick research, it’s easy to find professional headshots for a few thousand dollars, which is great, but not if you’re trying to be cost-effective. Luckily, you have a convenient option to choose right here in the LA area. The Headshot Truck provides affordable corporate head shot rates for those who understand the importance of creating a strong personal identity. The process is simple; just visit our website and choose your digital headshot package. A representative will set up an appointment time.

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