Think Scheduling Headshots is Difficult?

Planning time for anything with your busy 9-5 schedule is hard enough. So when it comes to something like scheduling professional headshots for your job, how do you make it work? Surely there are many moving parts and time constraints to consider, you fear. However, with The Headshot Truck, arranging corporate headshots for your team is a breeze! If you’ve been delaying scheduling headshots in Los Angeles thinking it will be too difficult to manage, rest assured we’re here to help. As you’ll see, it’s easy to fit professional headshots into your daily office life.

Onsite Convenience

A convenient aspect that sets us apart from the competition is our mobile headshot services. Whether you’re trying to fit a headshot into a busy day’s schedule or you realize it’s merely impractical (if not impossible) to bring your whole team to a  photography studio, the mobile truck provides a tremendous advantage. You’ll miss less time at work, avoid LA traffic jams, and boost your overall productivity by allowing us to handle scheduling.

Better Results

In the United States, people spend about 50 minutes on average commuting to and from work each day. Studies show that spending an extra 20 minutes in the car can dampen your mood. That, we say, is all the more reason to schedule headshots at your own office. To get the best headshots in Los Angeles, your employees will need to be in a good mood. After all, no one wants to take a professional shot when they are tired, stressed out, and not feeling relaxed. Perhaps most importantly of all, you won’t be late and risk missing an appointment when you schedule headshots at your workplace.

Saves Money

For several reasons, scheduling headshots from or at your office environment saves money. If you ask employees to drive to our offices for headshots in Los Angeles, you’ll need to reimburse them for gas. If they miss time off of work for headshots, that translates to lost productivity. There’s a famous saying in the business world that “time is money.” This certainly applies to scheduling headshots, too.

Everyone is Included

Asking employees to find their way to a headshot session might mean that they don’t all get there. Inevitably, someone may end up missing. By scheduling headshots in your office, however, you’ll be able to make sure that everyone is present and accounted for.

From saving time and money to making sure everyone gets a shot, there are many advantages to scheduling in-office headshots for your employees. When you’re ready to set aside time to make that happen, be sure to contact The Headshot Truck. With the advantage of a mobile truck, we make it easy to schedule headshots at a time that works for you.

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