Tips for Creating Content on Your Business’ Social Media Account

Worldwide, about two billion people have social media accounts. Most use Facebook, but LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram are not far behind. Social media is popular for maintaining personal connections, but it’s also an excellent resource for companies. About 87% of people say they trust a company more that has a social media site than one that doesn’t. And approximately 77% buy products online through social websites. If your company hasn’t yet incorporated social media into your business strategy, you’re missing out! As you begin, keep these tips in mind to create a strong profile.

Image is Everything with Headshots in LA

Nationwide, about 60% of the population are visual learners. When presented with text or graphics, they gravitate towards (and remember) the latter. For that reason, it’s essential to include images on your social media page, regardless of which social media platform you use. The catch is, however, that the pictures should be relevant to your company. What better subject, therefore, than your employees? People are more willing to buy products from a company that they relate to. Posting professional headshots on your site that shows your employees’ smiling faces is a surefire way to build a strong customer base and good reputation.

Show Infographics

Research shows that pages with infographics get three times more views (and shares) than those without. Infographics offer the best of both worlds, as they combine useful, engaging, and sometimes complicated information with visual displays. Furthermore, they prove valuable across all industries. You can hire an infographic designer to help you out or use online tools that give you the option for a custom finish.

Post (With Pictures)

Even though images are the first thing that catches a visitor’s eyes on social media, words are effective too. For an optimal result, combine both! On Facebook, posts that have pictures get over two times more likes and comments than those that don’t. Tweets accompanied by images are re-tweeted nearly three times more than those that don’t have graphics.

Keep it Current

Social media is a fast-paced, ever-changing world. Therefore, merely creating a social media profile is not enough. To keep customers coming back, you’ll need to keep your page updated and fresh. If your employees don’t have current images of themselves online (or if you’re adding a new hire), it is a good idea to invest in professional headshots in Los Angeles. Posting at least once weekly keeps people interested and coming back for more.

Billions of people use social media. But creating and maintaining a successful profile is trickier for a business than a consumer. Keeping the tools to success in mind, like quality images, current pages, and frequent posts, translates to a successful social media experience. Be sure to contact The Headshot Truck  for LA headshots, so you can put your best face forward.

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