Two Things Every New Graduate Should Invest In

If you’re a recent graduate, the expression “sink or swim” might come to mind as you’re starting the job search. In a sea of experienced, highly-qualified candidates, how do you stand out from the rest? It’s true that without the necessary experience, your resume might not get a second glance. But considering it takes seven seconds to make an excellent first impression, having a stellar image of yourself can help.

Put Your Best Face Forward

The majority of people say appearance is more important than words (55% to 7%, respectively) when it comes to making a first impression. About half of all recruiters (48%) research a prospective candidate online before interviewing. Having a picture on your resume, however, isn’t good enough to land an interview. The quality of the image matters more. You might be used to snapping informal shots of yourself with friends. But those images won’t work for a professional setting. Your best bet is to get a professional headshot. If you’re reluctant to spend money, keep in mind that headshot prices vary. Furthermore, it’s worth the cost to get a high-quality digital portrait that can be the deciding factor in whether or not you get a job. Professional headshots Los Angeles will capture the right look for your industry down to the smaller details like lighting, clothing, background, and more.

Are You Plugged In?

Having a standout headshot gives you a leg up on the competition. But knowing who to reach out to for a job is also critical. Today, approximately 84% of companies use some form of social media for recruitment. About 65% of people use personal connections (including friends and family) to find new jobs. And almost three-quarters of all millennials report finding at least one previous job through a social media site. Of all the social media sites used for hiring, LinkedIn is the most popular. In fact, most hiring managers go to LinkedIn first to look up candidates before they search any other site. LinkedIn, which acts as your online resume, shows who you are in a holistic sense and how you stand out from your peers. You can (and should) use high-quality headshots Los Angeles for your profile picture to leave a good, lasting impression.

Follow Up

Whether you get an interview or a personal introduction, it’s essential to follow up afterward. This step might seem small, but it shows courtesy, respect, and interest. A simple thank-you email to a hiring manager or hand-written note to an acquaintance for providing a job lead goes a long way.

It’s not uncommon for recent graduates to feel at a disadvantage for landing a job. But with the right approach, you have a much better chance of being seen. With our mobile headshot truck and an office location in Los Angeles, Headshot Truck in L.A. is on hand to make you look your best. Contact us to learn more about getting a career-launching headshot today.

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