Two Tips for Showcasing Actor Personality (Without Overdoing It)

Although acting involves playing a character’s role, showing individuality lands the job. And what better way to show who you are than with a headshot? Actor headshots, experts say, are just what you need to get a leg up on the competition. After all, in a cutthroat business like acting, presenting a captive image of yourself increases your chances of getting hired and means you might rake in revenue for those who bring you onboard, too. To make the best first impression possible, you’ll need to let your personality shine through. Here’s how.

Stay Calm

 By nature, acting is a creative profession. But creativity is best left for the stage, not actor headshots. While you want to express your personality and individuality in a headshot, it’s just as important not to go overboard. Professionals recommend keeping things simple and classy for your headshot. Avoid whites and “loud” shirts with graphics and distracting patterns. They draw attention away from your face and can make it seem like you’re trying too hard. Ideally, you should dress like yourself for your headshot instead of dressing the part of your character.

Stick With What You Know

 Sometimes, people make the mistake of getting a brand new haircut or switching hairstyles right before getting Los Angeles headshots. Unfortunately, going for a fresh new look can backfire. It’s best to avoid getting a haircut right before your photoshoot. If you’re desperate to clean up your hair and eliminate dead ends, schedule a hair appointment for at least one week before the headshot. If you’re eager to try a new hairstyle altogether, make a hair appointment at least three weeks away from your headshot to get used to the new look. As with clothing, simplicity is best for your hair and makeup on the day of a headshot.

 If you want to show that you’re serious about acting, investing in quality Los Angeles headshots helps. Luckily, The Headshot Truck is here to help you get a winning headshot. With a fully equipped mobile photography studio that comes to you, we make it simple and easy to get the leg up you need.

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