Whether an Intern or CEO, Professional Headshots Define Careers

Have you ever seen one of those blank LinkedIn profile bubbles where a photo would go if there were one? Or viewed a blurry or awkward-looking photo on a corporate website or social media page? Now you know how important it is to have a professional headshot reflecting your corporate brand.

As the mobile photography studio providing corporate headshots in Los Angeles, here’s why we know services like ours are so important to you, regardless of where you are at in your career.

You must be seen to be believed.

We’re visual creatures, all of us. We want to meet those we’re thinking about doing business with, even if that meeting can only take place in the virtual world. If you’re just a name in the shadows, how do we know you’re real?

Besides, we draw conclusions from what we see, regardless of whether or not we should. We judge facial expressions and the way others are dressed. A good headshot photographer understands the impact lighting can have. If a face is lost to shadows, the individual can look stern, sinister, secretive. Sure, that’s superficial, but it’s how your clients or customers think.

Photos go stale fast.

Maybe you had a nice professional shot taken at some point in your career. The problem is, you just keep using it. Hairstyles go out of fashion, clothing styles change, and we all gain or lose (mostly gain) a few pounds over time. If your graduation dates, background, or other online information indicates you’re 50, but your online photo looks 30, your base won’t take you seriously.

If your headshot looks amateurish, you’ve lost all credibility. Blurry, out-of-crop or old photos tell a story you don’t want said. They tell your audience that you don’t take the job seriously or understand how today’s business world operates. You’re behind the times. Or you just don’t care. Is that the message you’re trying to send?

The digital world requires photos.

The Internet is a very visual place and not just Instagram. Those empty LinkedIn profile bubbles or the amateurish snapshots on your company website are representing you in the worst possible light (sometimes literally).

Consult the best headshot photographers Los Angeles

The Headshot Truck is LAs mobile studio that specializes in professional headshots for actors and professionals. We’ll come to you for your ultimate convenience.

We do a whole lot more than snap pictures. We’ll expertly handle lighting, setting, facial expressions, and other factors, so you’ll get the most out of your visual presence in the business world today.

Regardless of whether you sit in the corner office or a cubicle, look your best. Embrace a visual presence that reflects the company brand you want to show. Call The Headshot Truck at 855-729-7465.

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