Why Big Companies Value Professional Headshots

Our corporate clients trust us for their Los Angeles professional headshots because they respect the difference we can make in their brand consistency. We help them introduce themselves to their customers in a way that attracts attention and adds value.

Here are five compelling reasons why companies like yours trust The Headshot Truck for professional headshots in Los Angeles that maintain a corporate image.

They Exude Professionalism

Everyone has a smartphone with a camera, and even your grandparents know how to use one. But you know the difference between a smartphone snapshot and a professional headshot (and so do your clients).

If you want your company to stand out for its professionalism, start with professionally shot photos of your team.

They Bespeak Authenticity

You’ve seen your share of stock photos of attractive people in meetings or shaking hands or laughing at whatever they’re looking at together on a computer screen. Did you ever think you were getting a real and sincere introduction to the company? Of course not. Real headshots of real people add up to a practical introduction. Authentic headshots tell your audience how your people interact with company culture, where they work and — most importantly — who they are.

They Support Your Brand

How do you want your customers or clients to see your company? This is your brand image. Make sure the headshots of your employees are on the mark with your brand, whether it’s straightforward and all-business or casual and even a little bit goofy.

They Reflect Your Culture

While your brand represents how you present your business to its customers, your company culture goes deeper. Culture represents the personality of your company. Let The Headshot Truck come to your place and document your culture in the way your people present themselves in their own environment.

They Underscore Your Significant Changes

A company merger, expansion, product launch or new marketing campaign presents an ideal opportunity to reintroduce your people to your new or existing markets. Be sure to include a fresh set of headshots with every new direction your company takes.

Bringing Professionalism to You

More than a truck, we come to you.  We’re much more than professional photography studio on wheels. But what our name highlights is our strategy of coming to you. We take photos of professionals, everyone from corporate personnel and decision-makers to  actor and influencers and everyone in between. Call us, set up an appointment, and we’ll show up when and where you need us for corporate headshots in Los Angeles.

We understand the competition you have for your time. We know your people must attend meetings, interact with clients and meet constant deadlines. That’s why we’ll come to your location and take the photos that reflect your culture and appeal to your customer base.

Call The Headshot Truck at 855-729-7465 today.

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