Why Your Business Social Pages Rely on Professional Company Photos

Have you ever looked at a stock photo of a man and woman and two adorably smiling kids and got tricked into thinking it was a real family? Probably not. They just don’t look…real. It’s the same with the bought images used on commercial websites.

Stock photos have their place — mostly in terms of being quick and easy to load onto a web page. What they don’t do is build credibility or confidence in your products or services or the warmth of your people and the authenticity of your culture.

Here are three reasons we recommend always trusting your company and employee photo needs to a real live pro.

Professional shots look authentic.

Models look a certain way, and when you see them in a stock photo tableau you just somehow know they’re not Sally who works on the third floor and Frank who studies spreadsheets in a cubicle. They’re always dressed to the nines. And no one at your place is that delighted to be serving coffee, staring at a computer screen or sitting around a conference table.

A professional shot is authentic and a true representation of your brand. Consumers want to work with someone they feel like they know & can trust. These real life images make your brand more welcoming and approachable to those on the outside.

Stock photo scenarios don’t tell your story.

Stock photographers set up little tableaus, or mini-stories they think might be typical of corporate happenings. There might be the bad boss scowling at two scared-looking underlings. Or the young co-workers openly flirting while a crusty older employee looks on with annoyance.

The models are usually not Shakespearean actors, so these tableaus can be cringeworthy. Rarely do they reflect what’s really going on at your place of employment. A pro can capture the real stories of your company and your people, not the goings-on of a group of models in some generic workplace that springs from the stereotypical image of a stock photographer.

You own your custom headshots and can do with them what you please.

Sure, you can get “free” stock photos, but what does that mean? As with anything labeled as being free of cost, there’s either a catch or you get what you (don’t) pay for.

Read the fine print in your stock photo contract. Your licensing fee might only last for a period of time and then have to be renewed. Or perhaps you can only use it for your website, but not for brochures or other collateral print material. Or it really and truly is free and, well, the headshots look it.

Trust The Headshot Truck for Authenticity

When you’re looking online for authentic and professional-looking “headshots near me,” look no farther than The Headshot Truck.

That word, “Truck” in our name doesn’t mean that mobility is our only selling point (though it’s an important one). Our photography studio can come to your or your business anywhere in the LA area. We only take professional headshots of actors, influencers, CEOs, and employees — no beauty shots of food on a tray or jewelry in a case or machinery in operation. Just natural-looking people shot in a way that brings out their story. Your story.

Call The Headshot Truck at 855-729-7465 for authentic professional headshots in Los Angeles.

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