Women’s Day: How All Women Can Up Level Their Business with Powerful Personal Branding

Since 1909, March 8th has been designated as International Women’s Day. This was just the beginning of the women’s rights movement. But why should women get just one day of recognition each year? If you think that women deserve attention and respect every day of the year, you’re in the right place. Millions of women have already integrated themselves into robust business markets and are shaking up the way things have been run for hundreds of years. If you need some inspiration on this International Women’s Day, look in the mirror. You are the inspiration! And you should capture it with a professional, empowering headshot.

Lead By Example Over 42% of women in the workplace say they’ve faced discrimination. More than 10% say they are regularly ignored. These statistics show that all too often, the female gender gets overshadowed. But Los Angeles professional headshots can help change that. Studies show that companies with a clear brand image are more reputable, trustworthy, and approachable than those that don’t. When fellow employees (and your boss) see your impressive headshot, they’ll follow suit. Before you know it, your company’s image will improve, and you can take the credit.

Building Your Brand Image The pioneers for understanding brand image and how it can affect a business were, you guessed it, woman. In fact, their strong sense and understanding of corporate photography has continued to change the game. Brand image is essentially a company’s face. That face is made up of all the company’s employees. The way you look, act, and dress affect how others perceive you. If you dress sharp, look presentable, and have a smiling face, you get more respect. The same applies to the business world. A company that looks composed, professional, and friendly will get more business. Research some of the leading female CEO’s. I guarantee you’ll find strong headshots that represent these determined women taking charge of the business world.

The Superior Sex – Kings and Queens of Business   There’s a popular saying that “Content is King.” That may be true but “Communication Is Queen”. Research shows that in today’s online business world, people look at images before they buy anything, regardless of whether it’s services or products. This happens long before they start wading through text on the screen. You’ll often see businesses run by women dominate the brand image and corporate photography game. One key factor for this is that a woman’s brain is naturally better at communication and emotional understanding.  There’s no better way to communicate as a business than with effective visual branding, and the first step toward that goal is consistent business headshots.

Empowering Headshots: Don’t Wait to Be Seen

Shonda Rhimes, one of the most influential people in the entertainment business said it best, “I’ve seen plenty of powerful women squander a chance at power simply because they waited for someone else to give them permission to have power. There is no permission slip — you just have to BE powerful.”  Many times there can hesitancy when scheduling a visual branding or headshot session, but one of the BEST experiences any business person can have is when their personal image matches their effort. Don’t wait to showcase your talent or your image to the world, start today with effective and consistent business headshots.

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