Meet the Team!


Teren, Photographer

Teren came from sippin’ sweet tea in the suburbs of Dallas, and now she chugs sparkling water in Malibu with her favorite book in hand. Since discovering her love of taking photos in high school, her experience has taken her from snappin’ pics of her dog, to making it her day job in her dream city. And while Los Angeles may have changed her beverage standards, she’s still a dog-lovin’, snack-eating, country music jammin’, photo-taking nerd!


Ashley, Photographer

Ashley J. is a Cali girl at heart. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she began shooting photos in high school and has never. stopped. since. She's a fun and upbeat photographer that recently shot for the Los Angeles Clippers. Her bright and sunny personality will put you at ease and give you an awesome photo experience! 


Kate, Make-up Artist

As a Midwest girl, Kate fell in love with the theatre and has never looked back!  After studying acting in college, she spent the first 8 years of her professional career as a stage and indie film actress in Chicago.  Upon moving to LA, she has continued her acting career while diversifying her artistic pursuits to include makeup.  while studying at Cinema Makeup School, Kate knew she’d found a second passion and has been working as a freelance makeup artist ever since. her goal is to inspire confidence, creativity and positivity on her journey as a makeup artist!


Brogan, Director of Human Resources

Brogan wants to live in a world where all refrigerators dispense freshly grated parmesan cheese. Born and raised in Ohio, Brogan's formative years were spent surrounded by music and the arts, including too many live musical theater performances to count. At 15, she made the trek to Hollywood where her midwestern charm and vivacious personality led her to meet nearly all the who's who of teen Hollywood. From that, a self made social media master was born.


Aimee, Sales Manager + Social Media

She grew up in New Mexico, and has an abnormally high tolerance for spicy green chili! Aimee moved to Los Angeles at a ripe age to pursue her acting career. It continues to flourish, along with her wit. Her first job in LA was essentially doing the Sham-Wow presentation in every Sears within a 75 mile radius... and a sales animal was born. Her favorite things include green chili, her dog Bonnie, Harry Potter, macaroni and cheese sarcasm and nothing else.


Liese, Retoucher

Home of Mounties… the Maple Leafs… and way too much snow, Liese is a stereotypically polite Canadian. In 2008, she received a diploma in Photography from the Granton Institute of Technology in Toronto. Four years later, she’s expanded her business into the retouching field (making her digital footprint, so to speak). Liese can usually be seen walking her Pug around the waterfront or enjoying a glass of Chardonnay at the local pub, eh!


Leena, Director of Operations

A Chicago native; this former Medieval Times Princess gave up her sparkly tiara to move to Los Angeles in 2004. On stage since she was a kiddo, Leena has a healthy addiction to making people laugh. She believes that F.R.I.E.N.D.S quotes apply to almost every life circumstance, so it’s no surprise that she is always workin' on sit-coms. After years of editing her own headshots, Leena fell effortlessly into the role of Editor at The Headshot Truck. This family gal loves the rain, cappuccinos, and a positively PERFECT photo. 


Adam, Director of Photography

Oops!… he did it again. Specializing in celebrity portraits and children’s fashion for the last 10 years just wasn’t enough. Adam is a co-founder of The Headshot Truck and is stoked to shoot s’more rad peeps. After acting for 20 years, Adam truly understands how mundane headshot shoots can be and tries to create the most comfy, fun experience for his clients. Born and raised in SoCal, he’s the kind of guy that says ‘dude’ and ‘awesome’ a lot. If his laugh doesn’t make you laugh, you’re not a real human being.


Brian, Director of Sales + Marketing

Brian grew up the son of an artist and entrepreneur. Surprise, surprise the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Brian has been an actor and producer in LA for over 10 years after leaving the cold behind in the Midwest. He has created sales and marketing teams for several companies, from start-ups to large corporations and brings his outside-the-box approach to The Headshot Truck. He can also be found fly fishing in Montana and drinking bourbon in his spare time.